Saigon Moon – Vietnamese Restaurant

February 17, 2013 in $$, Asian Food, Restaurant Of The Month, Thai, Vietnamese

Saigon Moon Vietnamese Restaurant

located in Basel, Switzerland is as close to original, authentic Vietnamese food to be found in this part of the world. This Vietnamese restaurants menu has so many Vietnamese and Thai dishes that it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on what you would like to order as it all seems so good by description. With that being said, upon finishing your meal you will surely be already planning a return visit to order those other dishes you missed out on.

Vietnamese & Thai Soups

The Vietnamese and Thai soups are incredible, full of extremely fresh ingredients, rich in taste, appetizing for the eyes and  the portions are ample. Moving on now to their appetizer offerings

Vietnamese Soup Pho Bo

Vietnamese & Thai  Appetizers

Now on to the appetizers offered at Saigon Moon… Again, a very large selection of both cold and warm Asian starters…  Vietnamese Spring Rolls served cold, steamed or fried. Spicy salads, Steamed dumplings, etc. My favorite dish is the handmade Vietnamese Spring Rolls, although they are served cold, they are absolutely spectacular. Definitely not your ordinary Vietnamese restaurant!

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Saigon Moons Main Courses

Once again you are overwhelmed with the choices of traditional Vietnamese & Thai dishes to choose from. Besides offering seafood, poultry, beef, pork, and duck, there is an endless amount of vegetarian dishes as well.

Vietnamese noodles in a variety of shapes and sizes, rice dishes and other ingredients round off every specially prepared dish. There has yet been a dish that was not incredibly delicious, which keeps this author going back for more.

Vietnamese Noodle Beef Dish

The presentation of each dish is unique, making no mistake that the cook takes much pride in what he sends out to the table. The service staff are very friendly and do their jobs well, making sure your stay is pleasant and rewarding.

Saigon Moon is also a family friendly restaurant, where your kids might get a bit spoiled by the staff. Known earlier as the “Spalenstubli”, this Vietnamese restaurant in Basel is hands down one of the better eating establishments in the region.

Saigon Moon Restaurant Basel

Great food, service and value for your money!

Restaurant Saigon Moon Basel

Friedrichstrasse 25
4055 Basel, Switzerland
061 302 11 08

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